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The Next Incredible Music Film Will Be Jeanie Finlay’’s ‘ORION: The Man Who Would Be King’

Jeanie Finlay is becoming the queen of music documentaries. She hasn’’t always worked within the genre, but her real breakout in the U.S. came with 2011s Sound It Out, which showcased a holdout in the near-extinction of vinyl retailers (and record shops in general). Last year, she followed with one of 2013’s best music films, The Great Hip Hop Hoax, about two Scottish rappers who got a major label deal by pretending to be American.

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The story of Jimmy “Orion” Ellis is one of the more tragic and bizarre tales in Music City history. The phantom King of Rock ’n’ Roll, Ellis, known by his stage name Orion, bore an uncanny resemblance to Elvis Presley, both in his pompadoured appearance and in his bellowing singing and speaking voice. This became an asset to Ellis in the wake of Presley dying while dropping a Graceland-sized deuce in 1977, and then it became a curse.

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